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A Greater plan has taken Grandeur down many interesting roads and encompassed a variety of roles for band members, guitarist Jim Grohman, lead singer Chad Toney, bassist Robbie Cairns, and drummer/percussionist Casey George. They're husband's, parents, grandparents, musicians, songwriters, involved in their local church, and successful businessmen as well as mentors. “We really feel like God set his love upon us at an early age and it was something that we could not have earned. We didn’t deserve it. We were not talented enough to merit His gaze, but He gave it to us. By this we are reminded of his love towards all of us. Like the Bible says, ‘while we were yet sinners, He died for us.’ we love and worship Him because He loved us.”

Each of us would like to thank our Lord Jesus Christ for salvation, redemption and the gift of music. We also appreciate the continued support of our wives, family and the Grandeur Team, including Gold record producer/engineer Robert Rebeck, Ken Lovern for his Hammond B3 expertise and Savannah Roberts for her one of a kind background vocals. A special thank you to our friends and business partners, Dr. Gery and Arlene Kauffman, your treasures are stored in heaven. To all those who we have not individually named, we know you are there encouraging us in our efforts to share the gospel. Lastly as we’ve already mentioned, we humbly acknowledge all who believe, pray, and help support the Grandeur Band's mission of “Telling the World” about the good news of Jesus Christ, the reason for our music.

New Music Coming 

  Through the pandemic the band has experienced many changes in our personal lives. The loss of loved ones, job changes, relocation and other events. God has been working in the midst of these trials. We are happy to announce a third upcoming album with ten new songs and probably a few covers. 

We are hoping to enter the studio this fall or winter. 
See you soon!